We Accomplish Our Client’s Goal … Raising Cash!
Our philosophy is based on maximizing our client’s strength. This is accomplished by utilizing your strong credit to secure funds without collateral or by uncovering assets to structure funding solutions!

Please contact your loan consultant for a no obligation, one-on-one customized loan analysis.

UN-SECURED Loans & Lines of Credit Personal to $50K – Business to $150K
NO COLLATERAL–NO FINANCIALS–NO TAX RETURNS–NO BUSINESS PLANS for up to $50,000. (Over $50K MAY require financials) This program is credit driven; simply requiring your signature to guarantee repayment. Up to $150K for Businesses Owned 2 Years, and up to $50K for individuals, start-ups or businesses owned under 2 years. Personal Credit Scores of 670 minimum.

$10K to $1,000,000
Businesses owned 2 Years or more can get funds from the equity in almost any existing asset such as office equipment, computers, software, machinery, etc. Your equipment is purchased from you paying you cash… then simultaneously leased back, without ever leaving your premises. You also benefit by creating a potential tax write off of up to 37% to 50%! Personal Credit Scores of 640 minimum.

Secured Credit Line
$10K to $2,000,000
If your business is short on cash, this may signal too much working capital tied up in your receivables. Savvy owners use their invoices or credit card receipts as collateral, securing a line of credit that unlocks their businesses most valuable asset … cash flow! Personal Credit Scores are NOT a factor in determining eligibility for these programs.

Equipment Leasing
$10K to $2,000,000
Leasing provides 100% Financing on all types of equipment! Up to $75,000 with application only, Over $75K require Financials. Large and Small businesses use leasing to avoid cash outlay. IRS classifies a lease as a business expense, allowing a direct write off the entire payment. Personal Credit Scores of 600 minimum.

Small – Commercial Real Estate
$100K to $1,000,000
Equity in commercial property can provide working capital or you can utilize this Stated Income/Asset program to purchase income property with as little as 10% down. Most property types accepted. Personal Credit Scores of 575 minimum.

Mid Size – Commercial Real Estate
$1,000,000 to $10,000,000
Competitive rates for purchase or cash-out refinancing of Mid-Size commercial properties. We are THE Non-Conforming specialists in the under $10 Million range, offering quick and flexible solutions when Institutions may not. Past Credit Problems with Bankruptcies are workable.

Hard Money – Commercial Real Estate
$500K to $10,000,000
Hard Money provides fast cash by customizing loans to fit the circumstances of the borrower. Short term (typically 1-year), this program is designed to “bridge time” until a client is in position to secure long term financing. Substantial Equity required. Past Credit is NOT a key factor in determining acceptance on this higher rate program.

Home Equity for Business
$50K to $5,000,000
Businesses that do not meet the minimum requirement of 2 years time in business or lack sufficient credit or assets to secure funding, find the equity in their home to be an excellent alternative to secure the needed funds to grow their business. Conforming and Sub Prime Credit accepted for this higher rate program.

Residential Real Estate Re-Financing
$50K to $5,000,000
Take advantage of today’s low rates to refinance your home and get cash out for your business. If you dream of reducing your monthly mortgage payments, foresee a major expense, or simply want the cheapest money available to pay down debt, there is not a better time to refinance and cash out. Conforming & Sub Prime Credit to 500 accepted.

Note Financing
to $1,000,000
If you hold a note that provides an income stream, we help turn that note to Cash Now, rather than waiting on monthly payments. We purchase or structure all privately held notes such as Real Estate, Business, Land, Legal Settlements, Lottery Winnings, etc.